6, rue des canettes, Paris ème
Monday to Saturday, 10:30am -7:30pm

We are working on our e-shop. Our products will be available for sale by the end of February.
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Timeless and poetic dresses

An invitation on a journey 

Timeless, authentic, nostalgic. A revisited retro for dresses and pieces that stand out for their ordinality and natural sophistication. An effortless chic celebrating the eternal feminine.

Pieces combining delicateness and structure, for a feminine and romantic look. Discreet luxury  for timeless and poetic couture dresses.  


phone number : +33 6 72 75 09 05


We are committed to preserving local know-how and contribute to supporting the national economy and maintaining sustainable jobs. 

Whether it be sourcing or production, we are committed to doing things responsibly. Our stock of materials comes from fashion houses and manufacturers who support our rational choices by supplying us with small quantities. Our creations are made in workshops on the ouskirts of Paris, in an effort to remain close to our suppliers with the shortest possible transportation. By doing so, we comply with social standards and contribute to minimizing our production’s impact on the environment. These stringent decisions have a price that we are willing to pay.